Rotary Radio UK

At the District Assembly recently one of the sessions was about Rotary Radio UK. We could use this to advertise our events and details of when we meet to reach out to potential new members. The details are below:

Rotary Radio can be accessed at:

www.rotaryradiouk.org from your tablet, computer, laptop or smartphone. Once on their website click on Listen Here for live on air or Play Again for a programme that has already been recorded.

Using your phone with 4G for Wifi access to the website.

Download Rotary Radio’s App onto your phone or use the following Free apps which give you a wide range of different radio stations:

myTunerRadio, Streema, and Radioline. All accessible from the app store on your phone or computer.

Smart Hubs: Amazon Echo/Dot, Apple Smart Hub, Google Hub. Ask Amazon Dot: ‘’Alexa, enable Rotary Radio UK’’. All of these require loading the relative brand’s app onto your phone.

Rotary Radio’s founders are Brian Portway and Steve Wood.

Email info to ROTARY RADIO UK

Send your CLUB and MEMBER news

Put Rotary Radio on your mailing list so that they have details of Club events, news and information which they can broadcast rotaryradionews@gmail.com

Steve Wood or Brian Portway

There is also a contact form on the website.

Studio telephone: 01795 665312

Texts to: 07396 341917

If you have a competition idea, if someone is looking for sponsors for an event – these are all of interest and as the radio station grows, its potential for effective connections around the world is outstanding. It is amazing how wide the spread can be with hashtags and social media. It just takes one great story and headline to get the right attention.